We create Point of Sale Systems
Aluminium profiles are used for lighter construction stands, lightbox frames as well as small elements of stands and displays. In areas where high aesthetic execution is required, anodized aluminium is being used.
Corrugated cardboard
Corrugated paper is a product which combines layers of special paper, appropiately glued together. It is worldwide the most popular and universal packing material, about 39% of all packaging is made of corrugated paper
Flat elements, which require the highest transparency and scratch resistance of the surface, as well as transparent elements of premium products are being made of glass panels.
Used in most POSM products, like casings, stands for advertising materials, masking, transparent graphic covers, whole displays and many others. Depending on the intended use, material like Plexi, HIPS, PVC, ABS, PA etc. are being used.
Solid cardboard
There are many types of solid boards on the market. The most popular ones are cellulose and recycled cardboard.
Used for frames of massive constructions, complete displays and display support elements. Depending on specific needs we use powder-coated construction steel or stainless steel.
Wood and wood-based materials
Plywood is the most commonly used wooden construction material, for elements like display shelves and feet. Solid wood is used among others for bases of promotional counter displays.